Music excites me. A parallel reality to the visible world with similar rules and patterns. Chaos and order in a continuous dialogue. A journey for its own sake.

Mine started in a musical household in Switzerland. After some years of flirting with various instruments, I ended up settling for the tenor saxophone. At the age of twenty, I wandered off to the United States, intrigued by the opportunity of being around thousands of musicians from all corners of the earth. The following six years were spent living, learning and working in the cities of Boston and New York. A period of immense gathering of cultural experiences and personal growth.

I have since moved back to Switzerland and I'm excited to be presenting more and more of my own creative work. I have just finished my second big composition mandate and am now focussing on the release of my debut album which will be available in early 2020.

to you
to my family, friends and fellow musicians
to Jazzaar Festival Aarau
to Kilian Kistler
to all my sponsors, supporters and fans